Thursday, August 26, 2010

Have You Heard of the P & F DePect?:)

Have you ever heard of Filipinos say "frayer" and "breakpast"? A lot of us might laugh at the thought of the usual "Pilifino depect", but hold up! Don't laugh yet. One way to explain this is that our original language (including our Alpabetong Pilipino) did not have the letter "F" and was only introduced to us by the Westerners.

No wonder a lot of English words with F (or the F sound) in them become P when translated to Filipino or Tagalog. Some examples would be kwalipikasyon (qualification), pabor (favor), epekto (effect), alpabeto (alPHabet) and of course, Pilipino (Filipino).

What's even more puzzling is that our National Language is called Filipino and our country is called Philippines. Could it be because as some historians would say, there was no "Philippines" before the Westerners came? Maybe, but still, for a group of non-F speaking people joined together by foreigners, it's still quite ironic, isn't it?

Now, better think twice before lapping!:P

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