Friday, August 27, 2010

Calbayog City, Samar

WHERE: Calbayog City, Northern Samar

DATE OF TRAVEL: July 4-5, 2010

1. It is one of the cheapest cities in the Philippines when it comes to traveling! For only P3.00, you get a pedicab ride, and for P5.00, you get to eat ice cream!

2. Since pedicabs are pretty much the mode of transportation here, the sound of jeepney horns and tricycle motors are almost non-existent hence it creates a "peaceful" feeling and it makes you feel like you're back in time.

3. It is a jump-off point for Samar's varied attractions!

4. It is known as the City of Waterfalls in Visayas!

NOTE: ERROR in our picture! It should be Calbayog (not Samar), the City of Waterfalls & Pedicabs!

Calbayog City is part of Samar province (western area) and is near Northern Samar. It started as a small settlement that was assigned to the Jesuit missionaries. Jesuit Chroniclers, as early as the 17th century, have written about Calbayog and its people. Ibatan, Hibatang and Tiayban are some of the former names of this city. From a small city, it became a pueblo or town. Several villages called visitas flourished and Calbayog became a religious center. In 1878, Calbayog was hit with a cholera epidemic and it killed half of the total population.

Today, Calbayog is a thriving city filled with pedicabs and friendly people. Everything is close to the town and one pedicab ride can take you to the different cafes and small restaurants in the city or right in the middle of their busy street Magsaysay Boulevard.

We stayed at I's Plant Hotel (P1,200/night for 3 - with a/c and tv) and it offered typical but comfortable rooms and it has its own restaurant. Your payment also includes an airconditioned van ride to take you back to Calbayog Airport.

For a list of other accommodations, click on this.

Carlos N' Carmelos (Magsaysay Boulevard) for their fruit shakes (Avocado shake for only P20!) and Pizza (for only about P200!)
Isla Coffee

Fly from Manila to Calbayog via Philippine Airlines, Airphil Express, Cebu Pacific or Zest Airlines. From there, hire a tricycle that will take you to the city proper. Expect to pay around P90-P100 for one tricycle (private hiring).

Address: JPR Subdivision, Brgy Obrero, Calbayog City
Telephone Number: +6355 2091108

1. The pedicab rate within the city is only P3.00!!!

2. If you want to go to the jeep/ bus terminal which is outside already, expect to pay P8.00.

3. Go to the City Tourism and Information Office (city proper) to ask for help.

4. If you have time (the markets were closed when we went!:(), go to the public market or even better to Basey, Samar to buy Samar's best product: WOVEN MATS or BANIGS! They cost a lot here in Manila and trust us, they make the best BANIG in the Philippines!

5. Calbayog is known as the City of Waterfalls in Visayas, so make sure to visit at least one!

6. Samar is also home to a lot of caves, so if you have time, explore them!

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  1. This is very informative. I can't wait to pack up my things and travel Samar! ^^,

  2. Hi Paula! Hope you could also visit Laoang, Northern Samar. It's a small island, an hour jeepney ride (or P1000 van rental) from Catarman. Some of the reasons you may check my hometown:

    1. Onay Beach
    2. Overnight stay at Kalakhaan island
    3. Batag Lighthouse
    4. Magsaysay Beach/Cove
    Thank you!