Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kubing, A Philippine Treasure :)

Did you know that the first instrument used in the theme song of Lonely Planet is an instrument from a bamboo found among many groups of the Philippines including the Maguindanaon, Maranao, Cotabato, Tingguian, Tagbanua and Yakan as well as the Toraja, Kailinese and Butonese groups of Indonesia?

It is a kind of Philippine jew's harp that is considered an intimate instrument as it is used as a form of communication between family members or a loved one in close quarters. While both sexes use this instrument, the males tend to use it more because they use it for short distance courtships.

Found all over the Philippines, kubing is called in different terms. It's called Kulaing in Cotabato, Subing in Visayas, Barmbaw among the Tagalogs, Kollibaw among the Negritos, Kinaban among the Mangyans, Afiw among the Bontocs and Coding among the Ibalois and Kalingas.

To hear how a kubing sounds like, click this. :)

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