Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jesus De La Pena Church, Marikina City

WHERE: Jesus De La Pena Church, Marikina City
DATE OF TRAVEL: August 28, 2010
1. It is the oldest church in Marikina City.
2. The first mass in Marikina was held here.

FEES: None

NOTE: This church was obviously restored. The inside, according to our friend who used to hear mass here, looked pretty much like the facade of the church. It isn't like that now today.

The Jesus Dela Pena Church is the very first church in Marikina City and the first mass was held here because the Jesuit missionaries supposedly saw an image of Jesus in a cliff somewhere in this area. Then a storage room, a church was built on this site on April 16, 1630 with the permission of Father Pedro de Arce, then archbishop of Manila.

ADDRESS: Zamora Street, Barangay Jesus Dela Pena, Marikina City

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