Thursday, August 26, 2010

Filipino = Tagalog?:)

A lot of people use the terms Tagalog and Filipino interchangeably to refer to the Philippines's National Language.

However, a distinction must be made between them. Filipino is made up of a lot of Tagalog words, but it is not equal to Tagalog. Filipino, which is our National Language, is Tagalog plus other languages like Cebuano, Hiligaynon and even broken Spanish!

Take for example the Filipino words for blue and green. While we accept the terms azul and berde (broken Spanish terms) as Filipino words, the Tagalogs would insist on using bughaw and luntian. Salumpwit may now be called silya (silla), durungawan may now be called bintana (from ventana) and talatinigan may now be called diksyunaryo.

Similarly, words like tindig (hopefully, we remember what our Prof said, correct us if we are wrong!) are derived from Cebuano, not the Tagalog language because the Tagalog term for tindig would be tayo.

Feel free to add more words here that came from the different Philippine languages and now make up the Filipino language. :)

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  1. Hi! "tindog" is the Cebuano word that means "to stand" (tayo). Is this what you meant to say? :) Interestingly, other Cebuano speakers use the word "Barog" instead of "tindog" depending on where they are from.