Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Our Restless Feet is now a Travel Agency!

Since we love traveling so much and has explored many parts of the country and some parts of the world, we've decided to start our very own travel agency!

We offer value-for-money packages around the Philippines and even outside the country!

We can also help you with your DIY itinerary through consultation basis.

Email us at, or visit our website:


We have also launched our travel packing secrets through this little site called PRACTICAL PACKER. It's an online store for chic little things that prove big and useful on the road. If you don't know where to start shopping or you get lost the moment you find yourself inside an outdoor shop, take a look at our items and read the tips on the details! These are things we have tried and tested on the road and we share them with you through this site!

So there. Thank you for reading our blog and supporting us all these years. See you in our new ventures!:)

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