Saturday, October 20, 2007

Enigmata Treehouse, Camiguin Island

WHERE: Enigmata Treehouse, Maubog, Balbagon, Mambajao, Camiguin Island 9100
DATE OF TRAVEL: October 16-17, 2007

1. It is an environmental friendly accommodation! Because of its advocacy to make life productive with doable ecological solutions and to make everything beautiful and useful, this treehouse is not only a place to stay, but a place that has ART and HEART written all over it!:)
2. Staying here makes you feel at one with nature and it inspires you to come up with your own creative thoughts.
3. It makes you feel very much "at home". There are numerous CDs (ethnic music collection for the win!) and books you can borrow while you laze around in their hammocks or banigs (woven mats).
4. They serve GOOD FOOD!

P950 for two per night (Eagle Nest Suite and Shell Garden Suite)
P200 additional person for the suites
P500 for two per night (Backpacker's Dorm)
P250 extra person for Backpacker's Dorm
P400 for two for Bartender's Dorm
P200 extra person for Bartender's Dorm

Since this is an ecolodge, do not expect airconditioning anywhere here. Trust us, you won't be needing it!:P

Enigmata Treehouse is located atop the mountains of Camiguin. It is an ecolodge for travellers, artists and environmentalists. It is also an art camp and resource center and it even has a house artist! Using recycled materials and donated books, Enigmata continuously creates a magical space that surely enchants everyone. Sculptures, paintings and other art projects decorate the whole place that one couldn't help but feel the artsy feel that it imbibes. Even the smallest things are very detailed and obviously a work of both art and heart.

This is how Enigmata artists describe their place:

Art Camp Ecolodge… A Social Enterprise

Enigmata Treehouse Ecolodge is naturally ventilated, aircon is of no use. Water is fresh from the mountain spring which refills water tanks by gravity. Waste is strictly segregated and recycled. The house is an ARTchitecture in itself which has its own pillars to avoid stress on the Acacia or rain tree which breathes through right at the center of the canopy.

Enigmata Creative Circle, Inc. is a voluntary collective of multi-disciplinary artists and service family which started the initiative on eco-peace biodiversity art education through popular media in the island grassroots community.

Enigmata as a social enterprise maintains a low-impact eco-friendly treehouse ecolodge cum training venue to help in the sustainability of the projects in Camiguin. We encourage minimal use of electricity and water. We invite our guests to adhere to principles of responsible tourism and experience our community as a living culture.

We prefer to be micro, organic and personalize service with low-impact on environment. Waste management is the biggest concern in the island.

We are starting with an initiative of carbon tax campaign to local and foreign travelers (to off set their energy consumptions) to raise funds for the schools in planting more trees. Look for the donation box in the community area.

Recycle and segregate.

Respect the smoke-free camp, cigarette buts thrown on the ground is subject to fines.

Bucket bath is always economical water-saver. Enjoy our herbal baths.

Use the stairs for there are no other options unless you are born a ninja.

Enjoy the blackouts and quiet (free from karaoke)

Drinking and bathing in mineral water is for free.

Watch the stars outside or find your way to the labyrinth.

Dry clothes in the sun, or you have the option not to wear any in private.

Keep the fresh green diet, it conserves a lot of energy.

Walk if you can… enjoy the island walk without stop lights…

Diving is dangerous, pool has no water, no need for it. The pool is deliberately deserted under reconstruction to conserve spring water and electricity. The pool needs four hours purification with silver ionizer which needs repair. So we decided to use the pool as outdoor swing garden and water garden in the future. Swim in the nearest beach or spring.

Home grown organic policy:

There are no useless things, only useless minds… (Kuya Ed)

Creative re-use, segragation and recycling is the code of ethics for creative enterprise…

The fifth year project in partnership with the Department of Education is an offshoot of environmental education Earth Camps held every year for the children and youth and mostly women teachers. Its on-going project is GAME for Children (Grassroots Advancing Multi-media Eco-education) sponsored by Arts Network Asia, Singapore which focuses on creative community enterprise as voice of children, production of Kinamiguin Children’s Biodiversity Pictionary and environmental animation plugs made by Camiguin Children. “Islakwatsa” New Media Playground for Children is co-sponsored by National Commission for Culture and the Arts, Philippines.

Enigmata organized pioneering works such as contemporary theater road show in schools as a story telling strategy on biodiversity conservation, conducts Earth Camps, short film and slides production, biodiversity concerts, and other creative workshops. The latest experiments include functional installation art using recycled materials such as bottle glass walls mosaic, wall tapestry, and contemporary okkil art revival in product development for local creative enterprise, use “super bayong” campaign for “plastic-free Camiguin,”.

In culture and the arts, Enigmata coordinated “Tell me a story Mr. Cloud Project” a short film production sponsored by Patrimoine Sans Frontieres, Paris, France with the help of our collaborator film maker Soni Kum. Enigmata served as overall facilitator/organizer on its second year “Pathways to Peace” and “Peace Fair Travel” in partnership with Ghandi Peace School, South Korea. It is also its second year as implementor in the province of the “Ani Ng Sining; Philippines Arts Festival 2007-2008 as Feabruary Arts Month Celebration.

Enigmata initiated pioneering cultural events. In partnership with local schools, Enigmata organized eco-cultural tours for ecotourism students ecotourguiding practicum, green forum, cultural shows, eco workshops for ecotourism frontliners.

1. Fly to Cagayan de Oro City (CDO), Misamis Oriental (Philippine Airlines, Airphil Express and Cebu Pacific fly to CDO) before 7:30 am if you want to commute.
2. From CDO, take a jeep or taxi to the CDO pier. You can also rent a car. (about an hour)
3. Take 8:30 am fast craft Paras Sea Cat daily trip from CDO to Camiguin (two hours).
4. When you land, hire a jeep for a day (around P1,400) or take any public jeep going to Mambajao town and get off at Maubog bridge junction with Enigman sculpture as landmark. Walk around 500 meters to the ecolodge.

For other ways to get to Enigmata, click here.

CONTACTS: +6388 3870273/ +63918 2304148/


Being the water lovers that we are, we had a hard time deciding whether we should stay at this treehouse or not because of course, that would mean we would be so far away from the sound of water. But the name ENIGMATA TREEHOUSE coupled with a few pictures on the internet got us excited to check out the place for ourselves.

We decided to stay in Camiguin for three days and stay at two accommodations. We stayed here for the first night and rented a jeepney for P1,400 to take us around Camiguin and bring us back here (since this is located in area that is not directly accessible by jeep).

It's a good thing we decided to push through with this plan because Enigmata Treehouse was really a charming place and a destination on its own. It's a haven for art lovers and just plain travellers like us! The rooms were so pretty and everything was decorated in detail. Even their bathrooms were very artsy! If you're environmental friendly, you would be pleased with how creative this place is and how environmental-friendly they really are. No aircons because they're not needed, and everything is recyclable or recycled!

They have vegetarian food, too! We especially loved the pizza and the oatmeal with fruits we had for breakfast! At night, after eating downstairs and browsing through their numerous books, we borrowed CDs of Joey Ayala and played his songs all throughout the night. We actually appreciated him more during this trip because his songs really fit the concept and the feel of Enigmata!

The next morning, we woke up feeling refreshed and energized. We loved the feeling of being inside a kulambo (mosquito net)! We thought it was so Filipino! Before checking out, we went around the whole place and took pictures. Please do not forget to check out the whole place before leaving.

Looking at these pictures again make us want to go back (like, right now!). Enigmata does that to you -- you get a heavy feeling when you're about to leave, and you get so excited about the idea of going back there again.

Enigmata, we shall see each other again!

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Enchanted Kingdom, Laguna

WHERE: San Lorenzo South Village, Santa Rosa, Laguna
DATE OF TRAVEL: October 15, 2007

1. It's probably the "best" amusement/ theme park in the Philippines!
2. Whether you go with children or not, this place will make you feel a child all over again!
3. Of course it's no Disneyland or Magic Mountain, but it has a charm of its own that one will surely enjoy!

P500 (Saturdays and Sundays)
P400 (Thursdays and Fridays)
CLOSED from Monday to Wednesday

FAVORITE RIDES: Log Jam, Ferris Wheel and Anchors Away! :)
FAVORITE ACTIVITIES: Fortune Teller, Bump Car and Exodus: ATV Ride :)
FAVORITE TIME-OUT ACTIVITY: Fireworks Watching & Massage!


Enchanted Kingdom is the ultimate theme park of the Philippines. Although a lot smaller than its American counterparts, the park does not disappoint. From Victorian to jungle to Flinstones to New York to the future, the park's themes are anything but boring. Rides like carousels, roller skaters and small ferris wheels to playgrounds and treehouses surely attract the children. Teenagers frequent the arcades and try out the newest activities like ATV rides and paintball. Adults enjoy paddling in the Swan Lake or watching 4D short films in the Rialto. Thrill seekers definitely hop on to the the Log Jam, Space Shuttle, Anchors Away and Rio Grande.

Enchanted Kingdom offers a lot more than just rides. There are also photo booths, karaoke stalls, arcades, souvenir shops and food courts. During weekends, expect to see different shows, gimmicks and of course, fireworks.

There is something for everyone in Enchanted Kingdom. Even adults and old people will have fun and definitely unleash the child in their hearts!

If you'll commute from Manila, click this.

By Private Vehicle: From Manila, go to the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and exit at Sta. Rosa (after Mamplasan exit). Turn left on the toll booth and turn right at the intersection. It's near Waltermart!

Sta. Rosa Main Office: +632 5843535 / +632 5844326-29
Makati Office: +632 8303535 / +632 8302112-16
Sales Direct Line: +632 8127291


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