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Mag:net Gallery - Day to Day Prime Time Ecstasy Exhibit

WHERE: Mag:net Gallery, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City
EXHIBIT DATES: September 4 to 30, 2010

1. Because it showcases the talent of upcoming young Filipino artists. :)

FEES: Free entrance but you can buy any of the works in the exhibit

NOTE: Mag:net Gallery changes their art exhibits monthly.

Mag:net Cafe & Gallery
Mag:net Cafe is an artist haven. It supports a lot of Philippine contemporary arts from visual arts to literature to music. It has a gallery which showcases different exhibits every month and a cafe that serves salads, appetizers, soups, sandwiches, pasta, desserts, merienda and "real" meals. It also serves as a venue for film screenings, performances, literary readings, impromptus, jamming sessions and other art-related events. It is open from Mondays to Saturdays from 10am-7pm.

Day to Day Prime Time Ecstacy
(mostly copied from the handout of mag:net gallery)
The television is a part of Filipinos' everyday lives. Local channels like ABS-CBN , TV5 and GMA offer cartoons, commercials, noon time shows, current news and events, showbiz buzz, talk shows, talent shows, telenovelas, koreanovelas, teleseryes and more. With everyday viewing of these shows, its influences are inevitable to Filipino culture. These shows continually establish cultural trends and are usually successful in hypnotizing its viewers to agree and operate accordingly with the culture they are secretly imposing. The influence they enforce on Filipinos is manifested through the prevailing characteristics of our society's culture such as being elitist, westernized, escapist, fetishist and having a dog-eat-dog mentality.

With all these nonsense on television and with the culture as described above that these nonsense and fetish television shows communicate to its viewers every hour of everyday, it is constantly able to show the "ecstacy" of the real. The people, rather than just watching the shows, begin to actually live the "ecstacy" which is actually very ironic and problematic since the reality on TV and the one we are actually living are quite different. Popularity has become more important than content and quality and romanticism of reality is applauded.

The television, being a tool for advertisers, for show business and their biases, for entertainers who suck blood and life from the viewers is an ideological state apparatus to may be likened to the church and the academe. Its power of communication over its viewers is one-sided most of the time.

Now for the local channels to be acknowledged, their shows need to be "sellable", and to do this, they would have to romanticize and exoticize reality. They distort the reality in order to sell. They show what they want people to see, whether or not it's reflective of real life.

This exhibit focuses on the ecstacy of the real inculcated on by television shows, to depict and question the culture these variety shows infuse on each individual who watches television and challenge the present ideology accepted and oftentimes overlooked. The subliminal messages of television shows and how it hypnotizes its viewers' minds that lead to our decadent trying-hard-to-be Hollywood celebrities/ rockstars/ artstars will be represented in different approaches according to each artist and hopefully be of contribution in displaying and documenting this kind of culture. After all, the most common of everyday life are the ones that say many things about the society's thinking.

The works range from two-dimensional paintings to three-dimensional sculptural pieces and installations. In two-dimensional works, mixed media and paintings are exhibited while in three-dimensional works, both molded sculptural pieces and asssemblages of ready-mades are exhibited.

This exhibit will run until September 30, 2010.

From the University of the Philippines Diliman, take a jeep going to Katipunan (P7.00). You can also take the LRT (Light Rail Transit) and go down at the Katipunan Station. From there, take a tricycle to mag:net cafe for P25.00. It is right beside Rustan's Supermarket.

CONTACTS: +632 9293191 info@magnetgalleries.com


Buen Abrigo
Ang Araw-araw na Aparisyon ng mga Dyos na Puta sa Bawat Kahon na May Cablewire at Antenna (dyptich)
Acrylic and Collage on Canvas
108 x 48 inches
Price: P113,700.00 (48 x 72)/ P56,850.00 (36 x 48)

Dean Africa
These Selfish People
Oil on Wood Panel
24 x 48 inches
Price: P10,600.00

Dean Africa
Variations on Kuya Germs
Colored Pencil on Paper/ Size variable
Price: P820.00 (each)

Beatrica Alcala
Director Predator Series (multiples)
Acrylic on Resin, Size variable
Price: P45,500.00 (8 pieces)/ P5,700.00 (each)

Carlo De Guzman
My Bigot Tih
Oil on Canvas
36 x 36 inches
Price: P16,300.00

Mity Dela Pena
Over Lowed
Collage - Acrylic, Latex and Ink on
Discarded Refrigerator Packaging
24 x 60 inches
Price: P12,200.00

Frank Magalona
Life in Technicolor (Information Overload) R,G,B series and Viewer no. 23, 639, 014
Spraypaint on Multi-cast Resin, TV size variables
Price: P58,500.00 (3 pieces)/ P19,500.00 (each)

Jed Nacabuan
The Squash-Head Projectile Theory (Viewers Demise)
Acrylic on Paper and Wood
36 x 36 inches
Price: P16,300.00

Jed Nacabuan
Mixed Media, Size variable
Price: P13,000.00

Veronica Pee
Eat Me
Bread, Paint, Microwave Container/ Size variable
Price: P13,000 (16 pieces)/ P820.00 (each)

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