Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Madyaw Kadyaw Souvenir Shop - Butuan, Agusan del Norte

WHERE: 1339 FCB Building, J.C. Aquino Avenue, Butuan, Agusan del Norte
DATE OF TRAVEL: September 12, 2010


1. This souvenir shop not only offers the cheapest Agusan delicacies, it is the only one stop shop in Butuan, too. It sells food products and different souvenirs from Agusan and the neighboring provinces.
2. The owner of the shop (Rose) really knows the origin of her products. She can tell you where a product is from, what it's for and what it's made of. She can give you details that would make the product you purchased more meaningful and interesting.
3. Whenever you buy a product from this shop, you actually help Ms. Rose (the owner) in fulfilling her social work (see story below).

WHAT TO BUY: The replica of the Golden Tara or the Balangay Boat (the most ancient sea vessel of the Philppines), Indigenous Products like the Manobo backpack (as Rose said, they are the original "backpackers"), Maranao cloth and Kubing, an instrument used by the indigenous groups of Mindanao. Butuan souvenir T-shirts are available here, too.

NOTE: Since Rose is also the supplier of Gaisano Mall's food products (for Agusan delicacies), her prices are much cheaper. If you're looking for products from other cities and provinces however, you can check out the Pasalubong Center in Gaisano Mall or the OTOP Pasalubong Center which is also in Gaisano Mall.

"Madjaw" in Butuanon dialect means good, and this is precisely the kind of business enterprise that owner Rossana "Rose" A. Cezar wants to imbibe for this shop. True to her tagline "The Only Souvenir Shop In The City That Has It All", Rose's products range from local delicacies to native products to souvenir items to indigenous handicrafts.

Rose, who was born in Aklan, raised in Bacolod City, lived in Manila and later moved on to Mindanao sees business not only as profit but also as service. Using her rich experience in missionary work and entrepreneurship, she uses her souvenir shop as a channel for the less priveleged families in Butuan to earn a living. She provides assistance in engaging livelihood activities like weaving, bead-making and food manufacturing. She also provides free board and lodging even to her part-time employees and allow them to go to school at the same time. Together with her employees, Rose continually reaches out to those who are in need of educational and livelihood assistance.

Unlike big companies who does business on a consignment basis, Madjaw Kadyaw buys its goods on a CASH ON DELIVERY basis then sells them. This way, Rose says, she gets to help her fellow Filipinos to really earn a living. She believes that this is the best way to help her suppliers who often do not have enough capital to wait for payments from big groceries and companies.

This philantrophic style of Ms. Rose and her shop has definitely helped a lot of people in Butuan and has also enriched her knowledge on all the products she sells. No wonder she knows every little thing about any of the goods you ask about and no wonder they're much cheaper than the ones in the Gaisano Pasalubong Centers, too.

Madjaw Kadyaw is along J.C. Aquino is open daily from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm.

From Butuan City, take a jeep (P7.00/ head/ one way) going to J.C. Aquino Avenue and go down right in front of Madjaw Kadyaw Souvenir Shop.

You can also ride a tricycle (P7.00/ head/ one way) and ask to be dropped at the gas station in J.C. Aquino Avenue. Cross the street to Madjaw Kadyaw because tricycles are not allowed along J.C. Aquino Avenue itself.


+63 85 8154243 (look for Rose)


Balangay Boat Replica

Maranao Cloth

small - P30.00
big - P50.00

Handmade Manobo Bag

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  1. soooooo very proud of you Zan (a.k.a. Miss Rose) ... i wish you God's continued blessings in all good that your heart desires and for everlasting good health, joy, peace and safety. 'Til we meet again. stay safe! mwah!

  2. how can i order golden tara replica from your shop? im from butuan who is living in manila. thanks

  3. mam magkano po yong maranao cloth

  4. Any chance the owner has an email I can reach her at? Im from the states looking to buy a replica of the Golden Tara Buddha. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks.

  5. We're sorry but we do not have the email of the owner...

    We also forgot how much the Maranao cloth cost...:(

  6. why there is no sample display for the golden tara???

  7. any way to purchase large quantity of kubing for better prices,shipping worldwide?