Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hinatuan Eco Park - Surigao del Sur

WHERE: Hinatuan Eco Park - Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur
DATE OF TRAVEL: September 11, 2010

1. This place is the perfect example of an incredible dump site. It doesn't smell. There are hardly any flies. It's eco-friendly. It has a great view. It's totally AMAZING!
FEES: None
NOTE: This place is not really a tourist spot but if you are into GREEN things or just wanna be amazed at how people keep a smell-free dumpsite, you should take a look at this place!

Hinatuan Eco Park is Hinatuan, Surigao Del Sur's dump site. The way they dispose their trash is incredible. Their recycling process is amazing! Biodegradable things are buried underground while a special machine is used to breakdown and shred non-biodegradable things like plastic into smaller pieces. These small pieces are pressed into hollow blocks as fillers. Other non-biodegradable things like vehicle tires are recycled and turned into chairs, etc.

We rented a car for the whole day and our kind driver told us about this site. He was so proud about it and told us we should see it, so we stopped by and looked. He was right. It was amazing!

From Manila, you can fly to Butuan City. Once in Butuan, you can hire a van or ride the jeep/ bus to Bislig. If you're commuting, tell the driver to drop you off at Hinatuan Terminal. From there, rent a habal-habal (motorcycle) to the Hinatuan Eco Park otherwise known as the dumpsite.


Gemma Millan (Hinatuan Tourism Office) - +63919 4600855/ gemmamillancdic@yahoo.com

Engr. Josephine Lapeciros - just_xpo@yahoo.com.ph

Juvy (driver/ tour guide) - +63927 7175267/ +63909 9899854

Vivian Durano Otaza (Chairperson of CARAGA Travel Links - travel agency) - +63917 3648504/ +63932 2662378/ caragatravel@yahoo.com

CARAGA TRAVEL LINKS Address: Raniel Business Park, J. Rosales Street, Butuan City (across Gaisano mall)

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  1. Hi Paula! I'm Gina, one of your avid fans here in Mindanao. I was really thrilled upon knowing through this blog that you were able to visit and appreciate our place. I'm residing here in Tagum, a one-hour drive from Davao City.I'm a college English teacher in a Catholic school here in our place. I was following your blog sites from hipstah 'til now that you have ourrestlessfeet. I am really inspired with your sensible discussions and sound judgments in almost anything under the sun. Now that you are very much into travel, the more I was enthralled by the depth of your person. I hope to be one of your followers. May you'll read this comment. I wanted to bring my literature class in Hinatuan Eco-Park. Your post is such a wonderful help and guide for me. May you'll allow me to follow your blog. I've been spending much time researching and surfing latest updates about you. My happiness could never be contained in words now that you have this blog for travels and adventure. Keep on becoming the inspiration for young professionals. You are such a well-rounded person. Please know that I am a great fan of you since FLAMES days with Patrick until now that you are not in show business. I never regretted seeing you as the best from among the actresses and actors I've seen on TV. You have carefully traversed the road less traveled when you choose to be different, in a sense that you become a courageous trekker of the uncommon things in life. May you'll give me the chance to email you and know you.Thank you very much...

  2. Hi Gina. Wow. Thank you so much for the kind words. We will be flying to Davao this Holy Week!:) Of course you may follow this blog. I completed the details for Hinatuan EcoPark...hopefully this helps you even more :) You should really take your students them so they will be inspired to become advocates of the environment.

    I am so touched by your comments. =) I am also in twitter (twitter.com/filipinadiver) You can ask me questions there, too. :)

    Thank you!!!


  3. Thank you for your kind response. I am so happy.. but sad to say, I don't have twitter account and I guess I will not make one. Since this May 2011, I will be entering the convent, Religious of the Virgin Mary (RVM). The formation house is in Tagaytay. I will not be allowed to use social networking sites then. Nevertheless, I am happy that you have responded to my comment. It's truly humbling. That's very generous of you. I hope I could meet you in person. It's a far-fetched dream but with this blog, I am able to reach you.And sooner, I hope that since you'll be coming to Davao, I can really see you. I hope I could really see you.

    By the way, I was not able to bring my students in Surigao but my co-teachers and some of their students went there. I showed them the pictures in your site and they were really inspired. Last March 5-6, 2011, they went to Hinatuan. I was not able to join due to some irrevocable schedule given ahead...They told me it was indeed a heavenly place. Thank you for the inspiration.

    Rest assured that you and Charlie will always be in my prayers. Thank you very much...God bless you...