Monday, March 5, 2007

To-Tam-An Village, Banaue

WHERE: Banaue, Ifugao

DATE OF TRAVEL: March 02, 2007

Because it will only take you about 300 steps from Banaue Hotel to experience traditional life in Banaue and meet some of the people's ancestors.;)

To-Tam-An Village is a typical Ifugao village in Banaue. It is probably the most visited because of its proximity and accessibility. This village showcases the typical life of the Ifugao people. One will see the native houses and small rice terraces as well. Woodcarving and Weaving are also done here and sold at their souvenir shop and sold at reasonable prices.

SOUVENIR BOUGHT: Woodern Ifugao Chair (foldable), P700

1. For detailed Manila-Banaue routes and schedule, click on this.
2. Once in Banaue, get off at Banaue Hotel.
3. From there, walk downhill towards To-Tam-An Village and Souvenir Shop. You can ask the staff of Banaue Hotel for help if you don't see the sign but the village should just be at the back of the hotel. :) It's about 300 steps from Banaue Hotel's swimming pool.

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