Monday, March 5, 2007

Sumaging Cave, Sagada

WHERE: Sagada, Mountain Province

DATE OF TRAVEL: March 03, 2007



1) Because it has an unusual display of stalactites and stalagmites.
2) Because it served as a hiding place for Filipino Guerillas and Soldiers during WW2.
3) Because it served as burial grounds for the Indigenous People of the Cordillera.

Although it is accessible and popular, do not expect it to be very easy. It can get slippery and you will get wet (underground river can get ice cold!). If you choose to bring your camera, make sure you have something waterproof (like ziplock or waterproof bag) to cover it when needed. Do not go without a guide and bring your own headlamp to help you see through the cave because the guides’ lamps might not be bright enough.

Sumaging Cave or Big Cave was created by water erosion. It is a popular cave in Sagada due to its unusual display of stalactites and stalagmites. For this reason, it is very accessible. The cave is also popular for its deep water (sometimes chest deep, sometimes even deeper!). The ice-cold water you have to swim to get to the other side is definitely an experience! The "caving" experience usually takes about 2 hours but you can take longer routes if you wish. No one is allowed to enter the cave without registering at the Municipal Hall and getting a guide. A foreigner is said to have died inside because he traveled alone and couldn't find his way out. Sumaging Cave can do that to you because it is enormous in size!

P250 per person for guide (guide can only accommodate 4-5 persons) and P50 for extra lamp

For Manila-Sagada routes, kindly click on this.

Once in Sagada, go to the Municipal Building for registration and to get a guide. :) There are hardly any public transportations in Sagada, so if you won't want to walk long and far, you may rent vans for about P1,400 a day.

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