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Itinerary: Banaue-Sagada 2007

March 01-03, 2007
Tourism 113 (UP Diliman) Field Trip under Professor Felipe De Leon Jr.
Cost: P3,500 per person (all in, food included)

March 01
Leave for Banaue (meeting: 9pm @ UPD) via bus

March 02
Halfway Lodge (accommodation) - breakfast
To-Tam-An Village (near Banaue Hotel)
Lunch at Pine Forest Resort
Banaue Ethnic Village/ Apar A Ngo
Banaue Rice Terraces
NFA-Aguian View Deck
Sleep at Halfway Lodge

March 03
Travel from Banaue to Sagada by bus/ jeep
Breakfast at Masferre Inn and Restaurant
Spelunking at Sumaging Cave (about 2 hours)
Lunch and Wash Up
Sagada Mission Compound: St. Mary's Church
Sagada Mission Compound: Calvary Hill Cemetery
Echo Valley
Sagada Weaving Center

Halfway Lodge (accommodation in Banaue)
(+6374)3864082/ (+63919)6142266/ (+63921)4524843 - look for Ms. Jane Buyao or Mr. Florence Viloria
Room Rates range from P200-P1,800 depending on the size and whether it's common or private, with or without hot shower. We slept in a common room and it wasn't bad at all! Sure, we had to share the bathroom with everyone but it was clean (the one on the second floor at least). Also, we had a nice view of Banaue from our room -- we had a huge window and we could see small terraces from the bed.:) Oh and yeah, you don't need aircon in Banaue. :)



Manila-Banaue Route

1. From Manila, take Florida Lines (P500 with CR) or Auto Bus (P462) to Banaue.
2. When you get to Banaue, several jeepneys and tricycles are waiting at the bus stop. Make sure you know where you want to go first to save on money.

Manila-Baguio-Banaue Route

1. Take a Victory Liner bus to Baguio.
2. Take Ohayami Bus to Banaue.

Manila-Banaue route aka the USUAL ROUTE

1. Take Autobus (from Sampaloc, Manila) or Florida Lines to Banaue (about P462-P500)
2. From Banaue, you can ride a public van with a flat rate of P3,300. You can wait for people to fill it up to save on money.

Manila-Baguio-Sagada route aka the SCENIC (but the longest) ROUTE

1. From Manila, take Victory Liner Bus to Baguio. (P385-P550 depending on the bus type)
2. From Baguio, go to Dangwa Terminal (at the back of Plaza Fair) and take Lizardo Bus to Sagada.

Manila-Bontoc aka FASTEST ROUTE (about 12 hours and 45 minutes)

1. Hop on Cable Tours (P500) from E. Rodriguez, Q.C. or Kalisen Transport to Bontoc.
2. From Bontoc, take a jeepney (about 45 minutes) to Sagada


CABLE TOURS (from E. Rodriguez, QC)
Manila-Bontoc 8pm DAILY
Bontoc-Manila 3pm DAILY
COST: P500/ one way

Manila-Bontoc 9pm DAILY
Bontoc-Manila 4pm DAILY
COST: P500/ one way

Manila-Banaue 10pm DAILY
Banaue-Manila 5:30pm DAILY
COST: P462/ one way

Baguio-Sagada 6am first trip, 11am last trip (leaves per hour) DAILY
Sagada-Baguio 5am first trip, 1pm last trip (leaves per hour) DAILY
COST: P220/ one way

Baguio-Banaue 6:30am, 3pm DAILY
Banaue-Baguio 6:30am, 4pm DAILY
COST: 360/ one way

Auto Bus (+632)7362831, (
Florida Lines (
+632)3864042/ (+63918)5225049
Cable Tours (
+6374)6021068/ (+63918)5216790/ (+63919)3862159 (Mang Bert)
Kalisen Transport (
+63917)8629574/ (+63916)3603483
Victory Liner: click on this for their website or call them at (

NOTE: Please call them first even though the schedule's posted here because they might change their schedule anytime.

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