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Snorkeling With The Whalesharks In Donsol, Sorsogon

WHERE: Donsol, Sorsogon

DATE OF TRAVEL: April 17, 2007

1. Because not all countries are lucky to have whalesharks visit their waters. So many foreigners are DYING to get upclose to these gentle creatures.
2. Because it's a a humbling experience -- a great opportunity for you to appreciate the world and the creatures we so often forget about.
3. To swim with a bus-long creature and see it gently pass right before you is a thrilling experience!
4. By doing this, you are in your own little way, contributing to the long term survival of these animals. The locals, instead of killing them for their meat and hide, begin to see them in a different light.
5. No words can captivate the feeling of being there. You have to GO and EXPERIENCE it yourself!:)

Registration Fee: P100 for locals / P300 for visitors
Boat: P3,500 - good for 7 people. In the summer, you are given 3 hours for the boat. On lean months, the boatman said that for the same fee, they allow you to stay longer since whalesharks are not as visible.


Before you ride the boat and search for whalesharks, you will be asked by the Donsol Tourism Office to watch a video about whalesharks. Kindly make sure you listen and follow the guidelines.

Donsol, Sorsogon is host to one of the highest concentration of whalesharks in the world. Many foreigners and locals alike visit the waters of Donsol to meet these gentle giants also known as the butanding. Although butandings arehuge in size, they only eat plankton are are harmless as long as you keep your distance.

Donsol, Sorsogon is about 1.5 hours from Legaspi City, Albay. There are other activities in Donsol that you can participate in such as the river cruise and firefly watching, enjoying the beach and the mangroves.

Fly or take a bus to Legaspi City, Albay. In Legaspi City, get a tricycle to take you to the transport terminal (Pacific Mall) for vans going to Donsol. Once in the terminal, just look for the vans marked Donsol and ask the dispatcher to save you a seat (P60 per seat). Note that the van will not leave until all seats are sold. So if you want to leave already, you can purchase the remaining seats. The ride will take about an hour and a half and once you get to Donsol, ask the driver to drop you off at your resort, and he will do so for an extra fee.

You can also hire a private van (12 seats) for P1,440 per way. From Donsol, vans leave daily for Legaspi from the Donsol town center. Last van leaves at 3:00pm.

Amor Farm Beach Resort - Agnes +63917-694-1687 / +63917-968-2733 / +63910-458-6140 / +63910-476-2176 /

Vitton Beach Resort - Nora +63927-912-6313


1. If you can, bring your own snorkeling gear (mask, snorkel and fins) so you don't have to pay extra P300 for equipment rental.
2. If you can, stay at Vitton Resort (P1,800 to P2,000 per night) or Amor Resort (P600 to P1,800) because they are the nearest resorts to the Donsol Tourism Office which is the jump off point of the whaleshark experience.
3. Although whaleshark season begins in November and ends in May, the best time to go is from February to April.
4. Make sure to leave early in the morning when the water is clear and makes it easier to spot the whalesharks.
5. Bring CASH to Donsol since credit cards are not accepted and the nearest ATM is in Legaspi City.
6. Bring an insect or mosquito repellent since there are lots of mosquitoes there.

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